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The Beginning.

Samuel Tolbert aka “Coach Sam T.” is a husband, father, and leader, who has a powerful message of hope, inspiration and change.

He’s also the founder of Image Coaching and Mentoring, where he helps clients discover their potential, by using his own personal story to connect them to their life’s purpose and/or help them navigate brokenness in marriage. 

Samuel Tolbert is the author of “Loving a Fragile Woman”. In this book, he shares his experience of how he and his wife Tre’elle healed in marriage. As clouds pour rain upon the earth when they’re full, his desire is to pour into every life he comes in contact with. 


Never lose your inner child.

Coach Sam T. also volunteers as a youth mentor where he coaches and guides children ages 7-17 living in underserved areas, in making positive life decisions. He also helps young kids discover their identity and find their confidence. 

As a kid, Coach Sam T. didn’t always have the confidence. Although people around him would see a glimpse of his greatness, he never really found that confidence until later on in life. 

Growing up, he and his fourteen(14) siblings were always involved in singing and playing musical instruments at the local church. From freeze tag to playing basketball on a dirt court, not a dull moment existed in the Tolberts’ house. 

Throughout his childhood, he and his brother and sisters held down the house with their mother while their father held down a job and four(4) businesses.

Watching his father work hard, really planted the seed of owning his own business inside of him. Coach Sam T. didn’t know back then just how much his childhood would impact his life in the future. 

Some of the key qualities and characteristics he acquired growing up includes but not limited to, team building, accountability, resilience, supportive, connectedness and creativity.

Coach Sam T. would later use these qualities to help him and his wife Tre’elle raise their four(4) beautiful children, as well as coach and lead others to find meaning in life.

When it came to Coach Sam T. understanding his life purpose and identity, he. struggled with finding his voice and having confidence in who he was made to be. His main challenge in school was dealing with social awkwardness. He often felt uncomfortable and out of place in social situations. 


finding purpose.

This didn’t stop Coach Sam T. from making the decision to accept a full basketball scholarship and later on, deciding to join the United States Navy.

It was in the military where he met his wife Tre’elle. From his time of playing college basketball to being selected for the All Navy basketball team, he began to recognize that there was more inside of him.

After fulfilling his contract obligations in the military, he decided to go back to school where he obtained his Bachelor’s degree and later enrolled in his Master’s program.

Coach Sam T. would spend the next few years going from role to role, trying to connect with a job that will help establish him and his financially. 

In 2018, he and his wife decided that it was time for him to leave his job so that they could heal in their marriage and also pursue the businesses they’ve launched. 

Truth is, this was the scariest decision of his life. Coach Sam T. would tell you that this decision brought more anxiety to him than the time his oldest son Sam Jr. (SJ) had heart surgery at birth. He knew God would heal his son because he experienced God’s healing power before. Leaving his job, Coach Sam T. knew him and his wife were stepping into the unknown. 

After leaving his job, he and wife have successfully launched multiple businesses, projects and initiatives such as: AWAKE Worship, The W.I.N. Foundation (501c3), The BrandBoxApp by Tag It Brand It, C.R.E.A.M.S Program, Image Coaching and Mentoring, Revolt World Image Apparel, and Revolt World Image “RWI” Podcast. 


Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. emotional sensation of stress from our first.

Griff Bowden

While these are some great accomplishments, he and his wife didn’t get there overnight. It took a lot of pain, sweat, and tears. During the four(4) year process of becoming who God called and purpose him to be, there were times when he wanted to quit. Truth is, he acknowledges that he didn’t get to this point of his life in his own strength. It was God who carried him during some of the darkest times of his life. 

During the four(4) year process, Coach Sam T. can also recall a time where he and his family went without water and was threatened with foreclosure letters. Instead of giving up, they decided to keep building in the dark. Through all of the frustration, they stood on faith and believed every word God released over their life.He and his wife are now walking in the manifestation of what was sown and the work they put in.

Coach Sam T. desire is to inspire those around him to “Revolt World Image, Embrace God’s Image, and Change the World”. 

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