Image Coaching and Mentoring.


Samuel Tolbert

Marriage and Life Coaching

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Through coaching, we help you discover your potential, by using compelling knowledge that helps you to MOVE and SOAR in your life purpose.

       “If You’re Breathing, You have Purposed Potential”

Why Image?

Image Coaching & Mentoring was founded and created by Samuel Tolbert because of a burden he had for men who struggled with knowing their identity or purpose in the earth.

Not in a way that identifies a person as a male or female, but in the image of God, which is the original identity of mankind. In Genesis 1:26, God said, “let Us make man in Our image”. 

There’s the image that the world presents, and then there’s the image of God in which we were made. We believe, when men align with the IMAGE of God, they should experience transformation in every area of life. 

When the men are in position, that’s when our families can experience healing and transformation. Our world can begin to transform, when our families transform. We believe the key to igniting change in the world is by empowering our men to revolt the IMAGE of the world and embrace the IMAGE of God. 


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