Inspiring individuals to live a purposed life by finding their identity in the image of God. 



Samuel Tolbert is a global leader inspiring his audience to find their identity, power, and authority in the image of God. 

As a musician for over 20 years, Samuel led as the music director and main keyboard player at his local church.

He is the founder of AWAKE Worship, creator of IMAGE Music, and music producer for many independent artists. 

In 2021, he launched his own coaching and mentoring platform, IMAGE Coaching and Mentoring,  to help men and women find their identity and purpose in life and marriage. 

Through vulnerability and transparency, Samuel, author of Loving a Fragile Woman, shares his experiences in marriage with hopes to help men and women heal through challenging moments. 

I am the founder of Image Coaching and Mentoring, author of "Loving a Fragile Woman," and Co-founder of AWAKE Worship

Loving a Fragile Woman

From physical to verbal abuse, these things can really have a damaging effect on anybody experiencing such traumas. I would like to focus on the fragileness of some of our women, as it relates to them having to live through wholeness.

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Authentic Worship and Kingdom Experience | AWAKE Worship is a worship culture centered around the now breath of God.

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Image Coaching & Mentoring

Image Coaching and Mentoring is a coaching platform designed to help men and women discover their purpose in life and/or marriage.

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“If the clouds can empty itself on the earth when it is full, my desire is to empty myself into others” -Samuel Tolbert


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